April 1940 ended with a very busy department

As April 1940 was coming to an end the department was facing some trying times.

The department was still finishing up its fifth extra alarm fire in a week, most of them occurring in downtown.


On the night of April 28 firefighters were still working a fire scene that it began days before and resulted in the death of a member of Truck Company 6. While those members worked to bring the final stage of extinguishment to a close, there was a multiple alarm fire that occurred that night on Hopkins Place. 

This would have again involved many units that had fought these multiple fires in downtown.  Weary firefighters fought bravely, as to the tradition of the department knowing that other members  were still attending the tragic fire that occurred days before.

Another events that closed out the month, that was highlighted in the local paper, that went on to sound a bit amusing.

Over on the west side in the area of the 2500 block of Washington Boulevard a train derailed, causing quite a stir. Multiple train cars as they crash together released more than 1000 pigs onto the area around the tracks.  These startled animals begin running through the area creating havoc and causing quite a commotion.

It is reported that the police and representatives from the train yards tried to call out to them and somehow gather in the pigs.  However, darkness cascaded over the city, leaving them in quite a fix as the swine dashed about in the darkening shadows.

Much to everyone on the frantic scenes pleasure, the fire department was able to send a flood light unit.  This modern unit was able to provide the light needed to bring the situation in better control. From the report it looks like they were there all night until daybreak, making an interesting story to be told from the flood light unit members.

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