Former Twitter feeds

Now know as "X", we have a change of focus for now 

 In the past, feeds of other organizations related to the Baltimore City Fire Department, were monitored and posted (or cited) within this website.

For a portion of our modern era, the social media platfom know as Twitter became a good way for many organizations to post information.

To some extent, that still exist today.  However, many none news organizations including many fire service related organizations have slowly been shying away from this platform.

For example, on this site, an automated system would keep posted the latest feeds from the offical department site along with both unions that respresent the majority of the membership of the department.  These feeds have become less reliable, with organiations utilizing other social platforms or just not posting as they did in the past.  Some of the slow down is due to caution in the rampent duplication, ofter blind to sources, of any information.

LinkedIn Boosts, Twitter Newsletters + Other Social Updates – PlannThus, in January of 2024 this site removed the automatic systems that would show information from X.

It should be noted that these  X - Twitter feeds are not actively monitored for contacts or the verification of information they contain. This is done mainly as a service to the viewers and users of the website along with the notion of spreading and sharing important information to departmental members.

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